Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Students from All Community, Religion or Caste can appear for CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB online examination. During admission, Sikh community students will get preference of admission during the counselling process and once all eligible minority candidates have been admitted, the remaining vacant seats may be filled up by students from "Other Category" on the basis of merit/rank. The student has to be an Indian National.

Candudates can make the payment via online payment gateway through debit or credit cards.

The Application Form Number will be allocated by AMPAI office and the same will be informed to you through SMS.
Ans :In the CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB web site, in the Notification Section, there is an option – "Download AMPAI 2022 Brochure". Click & download the same and all details are available.
Xerox of the same domicile certificate that you have produced for WBJEE / JEE(Main) may be used here. Otherwise, you can collect from any Govt. Administrative Official of your area like DM, ADM, CP, ACP (full detail available in the CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB Brochure). (The blank format of the Domicile Certificate,can also be downloaded from
You may apply on-line from AMPAI website. Please refer information brochure and/or for details.
Date will be announced soon for CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB Online Examination. The result will be available in AMAPI web site and will also be informed to the candidates by SMS / Telephone
B.Tech, B.Pharm, M.Tech, M.Pharm, MBA and MCA courses. See information brochure for details.
To complete the on-line application to CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB Online Examination, the student needs to:
  • Click on link: "Apply online" or "Fill On-Line Application Form" at and register at AMPAI website by providing name and a valid e-mail id at the "New Online Registration" section. A unique password shall be mailed to the e-mail you have provided.
  • You need to re-visit and go to the login page. This time you need to use the "Existing Users Login" section where you can enter your e-mail id and the password sent to you on email and proceed to fill and submit the on-line application form of CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB,
  • Make the application fee payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) through the on-line payment gateway.
Please note: the on-line payment needs to be completed immediately after submission of the form. If any student logs out after form submission and before completing on-line payment transaction, shall need to restart filling up the form afresh.
No. Students will NOT be able to save the on-line form partially and submit later. Examinees interested to appear in CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB may fill up the online application form and submit Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) as application fees at one sitting only. That is, the form cannot be partially filled and saved and submitted at a later stage and the application fee payment made on a later date. If at any stage, the process of CEE-AMPAI-2022-WB & CEE-AMPAI-MASTERS-2022-WB on-line application form is interrupted for any reason, the candidate may restart filling up the form afresh at a later stage by logging in with his/her e-mail id and password.

If any student logs out after online form submission and before completing online payment transaction, shall need to fill up the application form afresh.

If a candidate is able to fill up the online application form and during online payment experiences any problems at the payment gateway due to failure in payment, may proceed for payment at a later time by choosing the option of "Retry Payment" available with the Logout option. In this case, the candidate is not required to fill up the online application form afresh.

Please note: submission of the online application form and payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) as application fees, need to be completed before the due date.